VOOM GOLD – 22 ounce Spray Bottle

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Voom Gold is a uniquely formulated micro-fine UV and chemical-resistant film finish. Voom Gold is a superior finish with a wide range of uses, including your RV, boat or car. If you’ve ever had to wait for the right weather before applying your finish, look no further. Voom Gold can be applied while the surface is wet or in direct sun. The application process is quick: just spray it on and wipe it off. There is no waiting for a haze and no buffing required.

You don’t have to worry about applying it to the wrong areas either, since you can apply it on almost any surface, including smooth and textured surfaces, vinyl, rubber, plastic, flat finishes and even glass. According to Roadmaster, every application leaves the finish with a deeper shine that helps protect the surface against further oxidation or deterioration caused by harsh elements. Voom Gold can also lessen the effects of water spots, staining from acid rain, pollution and road spray.

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