Sunguard – Full Package Deal for your RV

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Full Package Deal

Custom Windshield Covers, 3pc set, Exterior, Class-A ($647.95 value),
2pc Mirror Savers ($147.95 value), 2pc Wiper-Savers ($43.95 value),
& choice of 6 additional custom SUNGUARD covers (up to $1,002 value).

(Choose Window-Shades or Tire-Savers – or mix & match).
HIGH DENSITY, 94% Shade Factor.
3 FREE, Heavy-Grade, Vinyl Storage Bags.

$1,841.85 Value

Only $799.95!


Block out an enormous amount of the sun’s heat, light & harmful ultraviolet rays! Keep your dash from cracking! Prevent your seats, curtains & interior from fading, rotting & deteriorating! …And cool the interior of your RV up to 40 degrees! …Plus, you can see-out, but not-in!

You also get (6) additional Custom Covers. Choose Window-Shades, Tire-Savers or any combination of both! The nice thing about having Sunguards on your living area windows is that you can drive with them on. Cool, shade & enjoy complete daytime privacy throughout your entire RV!

Tires are expensive to replace, & the sun is unmerciful to rubber! UV rays are persistently burning away at your tire investment! Block the sun’s damaging UV rays, yet still allow your tires to “breathe”. With Sunguard Tire-Savers, you simply fasten them directly to the body of your coach, outside the wheel-well. And since the fasteners are at “hip level”, you don’t even have to bend down to attach them. Just walk right up & fasten them into place.

Don’t let the harsh elements destroy your mirrors! If you leave them exposed to the elements, UV rays will eventually fade them & hard-water spots can lead to rust. Sunguard your mirrors – & keep them sparkling!

Ever wonder why your wipers leave water streaks? It’s because they rot in the hot sun. When it’s hot, the sun’s powerful UV rays are burning away at the rubber! With Wiper-Savers, your wipers will last years longer!

For Window-Shades, provide the outside window frame dimensions and add 1 1/2″ all around. For Tire-Savers, measure the wheel-well opening width, and add 2″ on each side & measure from the ground up to the top of the wheel-well and add 1″ to the height.  Please indicate the size you want the “Finished Product” to be. “Dual” Tire-Savers count as 2 covers. Choose White, Tan, Gray, Brown or Black. Our SUNGUARD FULL PACKAGE Deal comes with a 30-Day-Return policy, a 12-Year Warranty, simple instructions, fasteners, & 3 free, heavy-grade, vinyl storage bags.

*Color, Fabric & Fastener Options >

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Color Selection

Black, Brown, Gray, Tan, White

Free Wiper Savers

33", 38", 43"

Fasteners - Full Package

Snaps (Recommended), Twist Locks (Adds $168), Velcro (Adds $221.00), YKK Snad Snaps (Adds $486)

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10 reviews for Sunguard – Full Package Deal for your RV

  1. Rogie Carlock

  2. Randy Galaski

  3. Robert Smith

    Excellent quality and color was just what I was expecting.

  4. mscalif88

    Great product! Easy to install, and fast with 2 people.

  5. Robert

  6. Andreas

    Excellent product, and service.

  7. Donna Stiltner

    Great service – Arrived much quicker than anticipated! 🙂

  8. William Sliva

    I purchased Sunguard’s High Density shade screens for my motorhome windshield and all the windows. The screens were to deter the Northern Cardinals that want to peck on my windows and to block the sun. One cardinal even cracked one of my windows. The screens were easy to install. After installing the screens, I was amazed at how well they blocked the sun. There were a few mistakes I made. One was I did not measure my windshield. The windshield screen I received from Sunguard was a few inches too small in both height and width for my windshield. Sunguard told me they had the measurements for my particular model’s windshield, driver and passenger windows. Unfortunately, the manufacturer changed the specifications for the windshield. The other mistake was I didn’t consider the awning arm supports would be in the way of installing the passenger side window screen. All other windows I measured myself. So, I returned the windshield and passenger side window screens. I emailed the measurements needed and even received a call back from Sunguard to verify what I wanted because I asked for a combination of snaps and Velcro for the windshield. I am pleased with the product and especially pleased with the outstanding service I received from Sunguard.

  9. Anonymous

  10. Terri

    Great deal everything fit really helped with the sun and the heat will order more when we need them.