Samlex Solar All-in-One Solar Charging Kit – SRV150Z


Samlex Solar All-in-One Solar Charging Kit – SRV150Z

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Use a Samlex Solar Charging Kit to keep the batteries in your RV or utility vehicle charged and healthy. Add a DC-AC Power Inverter to your system and you can run all of your favorite household devices from anywhere!


* Reinforced Solar Glass – The high-transparency low-iron tempered glass allows maximum light permeability while enhancing stiffness and impact resistance
* Advanced Cell Encapsulation – The interconnected cells are embedded in ultra transparent EVA with multilayer backsheets for additional weather protection
* Optimized Module Surface Area – The distance between the frame edge and the cell circuitry iscalculated according to the electrical output optimization
* Charge controller has battery equalization which restores battery capacity, revives efficiency and extends battery life; digital display shows charging stage, voltage, current and battery Amp Hours
* Aluminum mounting brackets are accompanied with leak-proof fasteners that expand to prevent moisture from getting inside your RV

68″ x 28″ x 3.5″
4 lbs

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Weight 7 lbs

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