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Thetford SmartTote2 LX 4-Wheel Portable Waste Tank, 35 Gallon – TH519Z

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Presenting the ultimate portable waste water tank. The rugged Thetford Smart Tote2 LX 4-Wheel Portable Waste Tank is fast-emptying, easy-to-rinse, and ready to use right out of the box!


* 40″ sewer hose with 900 sewer elbow for convenient, fast, more sanitary use and emptying.
* AutoStop level gauge prevents messy overfilling and improves ventilation for faster tank emptying.
* Large port opening on top offers easier rinsing for more thorough, sanitary cleaning.
* PermaStore storage compartment protects pre-attached hose and safely stores sewer fittings.
* 4 rugged rubber wheels, with front 2 attached to handle for optimal maneuverability.
* Handle hooks right to trailer hitch for easy towing and no heavy lifting.

Tech Notes:

* This model features rubber wheels.
* Tank Capacity: 35 gal.
* Dimensions: 51-2/5″L x 27-7/10″W x 15-2/5″H



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Weight 29 lbs

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