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Make bath time better. Tired of struggling when it comes to bath time? Give your pet an experience they’re sure to love with the PetJet. It’s loaded with features that will make your pet feel comfortable and secure, turning a stressful and even traumatic experience into one that they will enjoy. An easy-to-use flow control feature eliminates sudden blasts of water, while the gentle rubber nozzles produce a calming effect. Even better, the PetJet has features that make bath time easier for you. The 120-inch hose makes it simple to get to those hard to reach places, and a rubber grip keeps it from slipping. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it will make bath time faster and easier. It’s the perfect washer for your pet.


* 3 powerful spray settings rinse and clean fast
* Convenient flow control lever quickly adjusts pressure to fit your pet
* Non-slip rubber grip means no more fumbling with a slippery, soapy handheld
* Long rubber nozzles enable gentle massaging while rinsing
* Included adapters make it easy to clean your pet in the shower, sink or outside
* Adorable design is perfect for the pet-lover and makes bath time fun

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