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Nighthawk Tow Bar – RM676

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World’s first illuminated tow bar

Introducing Roadmaster’s Nighthawk, a non-binding, aluminum alloy tow bar incorporating a jaw-dropping design with embedded LED lights. It includes internally-routed safety cables and power cord, an attractive black matte finish and solid stainless steel inner arms. Nighthawk is Roadmaster’s first tow bar designed for EZ5, MX and MS tow bar mounting brackets, which incorporate the strength of the crossbar into the mounting bracket – so no crossbar is required.
Aesthetically, the Nighthawk emulates the clean, sleek look of the Sterling All-Terrain tow bar, with which it shares many performance and convenience features, including a military-grade aluminum alloy shell.
Nighthawk is motorhome mounted and has an 8,000-pound capacity. It only weighs 35 pounds, yet tows up to four tons.

The Nighthawk’s most prominent features are as follows:

* A dazzling row of LEDs along each tow bar arm that illuminate with the motorhome’s lights. The 300-lumen LEDs add safety and convenience to nighttime towing – what was the darkest portion of the towing system is now easily visible to other drivers, and also visible when it comes time to disconnect.
* The Nighthawk has the longest tow bar arms ever produced, giving you maximum stability while towing. With more space between your towed vehicle and motorhome, tight turns become routine. And with the largest hook-up radius available there’s no wasted time lining up a towed vehicle to connect it.
* The Nighthawk is designed exclusively for Roadmaster’s EZ5 Twistlock tow bar mounting brackets (and their predecessor MS and MX style brackets), which incorporate the strength of the crossbar into the bracket. So no crossbar is required.

48 lbs

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Weight 48 lbs

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