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TankCheck LPG Tank Check Dual Sensor with Monitor Kit

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Never run out of LP fuel unexpectedly – accurately measure how much fuel you have using the completely wireless LPG Tank Check Dual Sensor with Monitor Kit.

The Mopkea TankCheck is an electronic device that very accurately measures the amount of LP Gas contained in most any LP Cylinder/Bottle and communicates that information to a remote monitor, wirelessly. Thus, allowing you to be aware of how much fuel is available at all times, simply by reading the remote monitor. While specifically designed for RV use, the Tank Check is compatible with most any LP Tank/Cylinder.


* Sensors mount to bottom of LPG Tank via magnets – designed to remain there during travel
* Once activated, sensors electronically measure how much LPG is in Tank
* Sensors communicate to Monitor without wires via Bluetooth Technology
* Install in minutes – simply sync devices and mount
* Designed for use with two LPG Tanks
* Monitor is capable of reading two Sensors at the same time
* Sensors and Monitor operate on “watch type” batteries (included)
* Kit includes “feet pads” to assist in mounting Sensors
* Includes (1) Monitor and (2) Sensors (6) Feet Pads (2) Screws

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