Brakemaster and Brakeaway for hydraulic brakes

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Why do I need the BrakeMaster System SAFETY! Your stopping distance is greatly increased by the added tonnage of a towed vehicle. The BrakeMaster significantly reduces this stopping distance; helping to prevent a costly accident. When driving in heavy traffic, down steep grades or in panic situations, the BrakeMaster will help you control your stop while significantly reducing your stopping distance.

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Weight 50 lbs
Roadmaster BrakeMaster

BrakeMaster 2nd RV w/Air Brakes, BrakeMaster 2nd RV w/Hydraulic Brakes, BrakeMaster w/break away system for Air Brakes, BrakeMaster w/break away system for Hydraulic Brakes, BrakeMaster w/o break away system for Air Brakes, Break away emergency braking system

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